Eric Farris CEO




Eric began laying the groundwork for SatNet Services at a young age at the foot of his grandfather Harry who taught him everything he needed to know about most everything. 

After serving 5 years in the US Army, Eric worked two jobs, helping rebuild what is now the Comcast Greater Boston Region for Limfar, Inc. and third shift at two gas stations where he studied and eventually passed his Series 7 Broker’s exam and various insurance and annuities exams. He was hired in to a full commission sales position at American Express where he held the record for the highest first-year sales in the region for a number of years.

During his time with American Express, Eric began purchasing and developing raw land and upon selling his American Express franchise to a former manager, began building and renovating residential structures with his own internal crew while attending law school full time. Eric made the move to commercial construction and his company renovated many hotels and restaurants and reentered the wiring business on a larger scale.

As the housing market, and construction in general, began to sink around 2008, Farris began assisting Limfar, Inc. with financing and financial oversight eventually merging Limfar, Inc. in to his company.
Farris finally consolidated his interests in the greatly diversified SatNet Services, LLC in 2012.
SatNet has contracts and dealer-level relationships with many large national companies including ADT Security, DirecTV, Spectrum, American Installations, Legacy Retail Services, TYCO Integrated Security, Convergent Technologies, and others. Satnet also owns and manages dozens of rental real estate  units throughout northern New England.